Having the right go-to-market strategy can make or break your company’s success.  Too often companies enter the U.S. market without a well thought out strategy and plan, resulting in wasted time and resources.

We work closely with you to define a clear strategy and a roadmap for execution of that strategy.


Business Development

Our team has extensive experience in building and management of effective business development and sales organizations in many industries.

We leverage our best practices to assist you with your business development and sales efforts in order to greatly impact your top lines sales and bottom-line profits.


Many companies are finding out the hard way that they cannot simply replicate the marketing plan that has worked so well in their home country in the U.S. There are several market dynamics and nuances that makes U.S. market very challenging for international companies to be successful.

K2 Global Strategies have in-depth experience in launching successful marketing programs in the U.S. Our team of experts will work closely with your organizations to develop marketing plans specifically targeted for U.S. customers.

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Partnership Ecosystem

For companies to grow, it is critical to have an ecosystem that allows partners and collaborators to accelerate product developments, to distribute products, and to enhance value propositions for clients.

Our team has extensive experience in building, supporting and growing partnerships globally. We advise clients on creating a productive and meaningful partnership ecosystem.


There are many logistics challenges when importing and distributing goods especially to a highly regulated U.S. market. It requires an experienced team with know-how and well-managed process to navigate complex logistics process, massive paperwork, complicated bureaucracy and burdensome regulatory compliances not to mention costly fees if not done correctly.

Our team and our affiliated professional firms have extensive experience to address these challenges. We advise our clients on the most cost-effective ways to dealing with these issues.

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U.S. Presence

Establishing a legal presence in U.S. requires careful consideration of many regulatory and tax issues at the federal, state and international level. Together with our law firm partners, we can help you to setup an optimized legal structure that aligns with your business goals and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, we have partnered with Office Evolution, a coworking space provider just outside of Washington D.C. that offers a whole suite of office space, virtual office and business services designed for international companies.